Purple Brass

Posted: January 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Falling asleep with sports on is nothing new. Even as someone who enjoys watching sports, there’s something soothing about crowd noise and announcer cadence that lulls me right to sleep. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of live sports played at 1AM, at least not in America. So my current white noise app is the Tennis Channel. Not only are they 24 hours of mostly games, but anything played outside of the Americas has a high percentage of being live when I need to go to sleep, which is somehow more acceptable. Don’t ask me why, it’s just easier to fall asleep to an event actually taking place rather than a recording of some final from the past 10 years. The rhythmic thwaks and thwoks of tennis also help, it’s like a metronome that guides me to the land of slumber in just a few minutes. It doesn’t work all the time, but when it does, it works great.



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Two months later, hello. I’ll be coming back to blog near-daily, I believe, trying to reestablish a functional routine. The past few weeks (months?) have been less than ideal. I’ve gotten a lot done, it’s true, plenty of work and productivity, but it’s been lopsided. So much so that it impacted my mental health and led to a little bit of burnout, so I’m trying something new which is kind of something old, and finding some habits that I know are at the very least effective. So join me won’t you, in this masquerade of me posting the same things virtually every day for a few minutes in order for me to feel good about myself a little bit. I’ll try to make it more interesting if I can. And I’ll probably be off on weekends and maybe Wednesdays. Other days though, watch out: here come the bloggos two by two.

Blood Comes From Within

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A little sweaty right now, a little dread-filled right now. I used to be a big poker player, and I’m not really as much anymore. It has a lot to do with time commitments, money commitments, and how much you spend of one to end up behind in the other.

I’m not a good poker player, is what I’m trying to say here.

But twice a year, minimum, I partake in what used to be a bi-weekly tradition of sitting down at the table and playing poker with former co-workers, friends, and roommates. On this particular night in question, we play in honor of my deceased friend Jesse, and we, in what can only be described as the infinite wisdom of men in their 20s, decided to toast this game every year by consuming Jesse’s favorite poker drink – Crown Royal whiskey.

Now years ago, when this tradition started and we remembered our friend with vigor and zeal, these games ended with laughing, drunken shouting, and a lot of vomit, hangovers, and worse the next day. There has been on more than one occasion, a Sunday after this game where I spend all day in bed on my side, trying to breathe without moving, watching football very quietly and picking at a Subway sandwich the way David Hasselhoff picked at his Wendy’s.

Now that we’re older (maybe not wiser) we’ve toned down the drinking considerably but we do all kind of groan when this day comes. It’s like a dentist visit, or a prostate exam. None of us want to do this. It’s just generally considered a good idea. We drink less often, we drink less by volume, but this is probably my big drinking day of the year. And I’ll probably be twenty dollars poorer by the end of it. Cheers, Jesse.

Do Better

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There’s been a city truck idling outside my window for the past hour or so. It’s not normally a problem except this is perfect windows-open weather and I’m enjoying the cool breezes and whatnot. So all I hear is the low rumbling and occasional piercing squeak of a piece of civic-funded something-or-other. I’m not entirely sure what it is they’re working on; I only had enough energy and curiosity to crack open the front door and spy the city’s logo on the driver’s side door and notice the blinking lights and what not. I doubt it’s power lines because…well, here I am blogging. Could be road repairs but I haven’t seen any rough spots on our street. Water’s still up and running too. No idea what they’re doing besides making very loud industrial noises and ruining my peaceful November afternoon. I’m sure it’s productive though, if only it were relevant.

Waiting for Takeoff

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Was being productive and getting stuff done last night when I was hit with the urge to go to bed: I felt tired, I felt I had done enough, sleep seemed the best course of action. So I turned everything off, saved, all that good stuff. Went and got a shower, still feeling great. Go to lie down and them BAM — Oh don’t forget you also need to do V, W, X, Y, Z this week and you’ve only got enough time for A through H. So how am I going to find the time to get all of it done? Well I woke up an hour earlier than I needed to today and that was particularly helpful in helping me get ahead of things, and I’ll have a little time this week to work on other things, but there is definitely a time crunch going on.  I’ll figure it out, I just hope I can get enough done today to not lose sleep over it tonight.

Chicken for Breakfast

Posted: October 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’ve got leftover chicken, and I’m going to eat it for breakfast. I’m excited about this because I love to eat chicken, and so it is a good day when I can start it by eating chicken. Chicken is my favorite meat to eat because it tastes good in soups and on sandwiches or by itself. I used to only like it grilled but recently I’ve learned to love fried chicken. Fried chicken is the kind of chicken I have today. I don’t like chicken wings or spicy chicken very much though. Also when you get chicken it usually comes with good sides like mashed potatoes or french fries or even macaroni and cheese sometimes. I don’t like macaroni a whole lot but sometimes I will eat it with a chicken dinner or when my girlfriend makes it. A day where I eat chicken is a good day.

–Written by Michael, Age 32

Pumpkin Colada

Posted: October 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

I had this bizarre dream last night, or a few minutes ago, or whatever. I was out in the boonies with old friends, bussing around and explaining in the rain why I’ve done the things I’ve done when I stumbled across sad celebrities that I did my best to cheer up. Then I was visiting a school fundraiser which was a cross between a scavenger hunt and a raffle. I found the keys to all the prizes and then informed the principal because I felt that was not the intended way to get the prizes. As I was explaining what happened, a disgruntled volunteer parent stole the grand prize very smoothly and I went to chase after her to stop her, but she ranted at me and walked out. Then IT slammed my head through a wall and a secretary started quizzing me about cartoons. It was fun, but I’ll be damned if I know why I dreamed it.