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I forget to bring up what happened last weekend, which further exacerbated the sleeping hours dilemma. Apparently this previous weekend here was just a nightmare of nothing but tree pollen, which happens to be apparently some of what I am most allergic too. I’ve been dealing with the off and on allergies for a couple weeks now, but I was feeling a little crummy, was low on rest, and so I went to sleep earlier than normal, only to wake up 2 hours later with my mouth on fire and unable to breathe. My whole palate was swollen and itchy, and my nose was both runny and congested beyond use. Ended up having to get a prescription refilled as quickly as I could (it still took two hours) and then managed to get a good night’s sleep. Like last year I’ll be taking one of these pills every day just to get me through the month and expect to be back to normal and on the other side of it all by that point.


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Day 2 of this week of focusing on housework and work-work over everything else has me feeling pretty good. I’m taking breaks here and there to play a game for a half-hour or to get some exercise in, but other than that, it’s all business. It’s also a little strange because my sleep schedule is where it is at the moment, that is to say that I am up all night well into the morning and then sleeping during the afternoon until the sun is all but down. It makes things easy as far as transitioning my stream hours to something a little more palatable for the average viewer, and it affords me plenty of time in the late night to focus on what I need to get done and not have to worry about taking care of things for other people or having conversations pop up and distract me. Still not really an end in sight to all of this, but I’m just going to keep pushing on until I see the results!

Welcome Home, Mr. Vaughn

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Looking at everything I need to get done this week and it sure looks like a long one. I might end up taking a break from streaming this week just to tackle all the things that I need to get done, or at the very least I might be limited to just an hour or two a night, by the weekend. I could probably use the rest, to be perfectly honest, not that I’ll be taking it easy. Still, a week of me being a bit introverted could be good for the ol’ batteries. As it’s getting warmer out, the bugs are starting to arrive, and I want to make sure that the house is while maybe not bug-proof, at least not bug friendly. So I’m going to try and cover as much ground as possible and tidy up as much as I can to avoid any unpleasant problems down the road.

Medical Wait

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Well, New Mexico State looked promising for half a game, anyways. Every year I make an NCAA basketball bracket online just because it’s free, and probably has a lower statistical probability than winning the lottery, but technically if I used my lack of knowledge in my favor (and probably what I do know hurts me more than it helps), I could win a car or something. So I made my bracket, and I want to say that last year my bracket went totally belly up by the third game of the tournament, with some major upset resulting in me losing my championship winner pick. This year, I’m faring better, at least, though not great, with 2 of my Sweet 16 picks gone halfway through day 2. But again, that’s much much better than last time, it’s just still not good. It gives me an excuse to half-pay attention, though less so than before because I no longer have a television with satellite hooked up to it in my office.

Foreman’s Job

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Last week, right before everything got crazy, my studio microphone ended up breaking. It’s apparently a very common problem and what is otherwise a rather widely revered and commonly used microphone. I don’t know if I have to send it in or if I even have warranty coverage frankly, as their customer service line hasn’t gotten back to me in more than a week. Called them early last week and never heard anything, only that it was a busy time of year and to leave a message with my phone number and email address. All of that was on a pre-recorded message system. Haven’t heard any confirmation or any communication back from them, so I think it’s about time to get in touch again, this time with a little less politeness. I can get by, just not at the level of professionalism as I would like, and also dealing with what was a very cherished gift and wanting it to work as expected.


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Alright, one day in the books and I’m already in a pretty good spot with things. Went for a walk today and enjoyed the warming air. Not going too far, but it is (typically) a quiet neighborhood, and our street is about a mile and a quarter long, situated in a loop. Knowing that distance helps me plan how long I want to be gone, or how far I want to go. Sometimes I see people going in and out of houses, or driving down the street. There’s an odd skateboarder or bike rider. I don’t know what it is though, maybe I’ve let other people’s rumors poison my mind, but I feel somehow uneasy when I walk the block. Not anything critically bad, and never to the point that I wouldn’t do it, but especially at night I feel a certain kind of strange unease. I think it’s just my imagination, and I feel bad about thinking that way.

Back to Normal

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After doing an event week last week and just….really spending every drop of gas I had in the tank, I took a mostly-rest break yesterday, got some work done, spent some time with the ladyfriend, and generally sat still and tried to focus on whatever was in front of me. It really didn’t work. What should have been a couple hours of work took me all day and I generally just felt exhausted and tired all day. I feel better now, now that the new week is here and I’ve spent the past four hours adhering to a more typical routine. Back to work, back to chores, back to the good life. I don’t know how this week is going to look for the most part, but I feel pretty good about everything. Just gonna put my head down, plan big, and get as much done as I can. I think it’ll work out great.