The Green Screen Vampire Bat

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Maybe it was the prolonged excellence of the weekend, perhaps it was the book I was laying down with, or maybe it was some unknown third option, but my eyes started to cross as I was reading last night, so I just decided to cut my losses, hit the lights, and fall asleep. It actually worked to a degree, though I was stuck in this sort of half-sleep for a long time where I would hear the voices and see trails of dreams running by but if I stirred to follow, I’d find myself lying in bed once more, just mere inches away from sleep and now miles apart. Eventually it came, and stayed around for a few hours, then I’d wake up, try again, repeat. It got me through the night so that I was up right as the sun decided to make a similar move.

Right now, I have those morning sleepies where the day seems to be going forever, and things are getting done, but the bed is calling me back, asking me to just give the pillow another try now that it’s cooled down, now that there is breakfast in my stomach and emptiness in my bladder. But like all temptations, this one would not come without a certain guilt if I decided to partake.


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