Through the Coarseness of Gravity

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Moving forward, I have every intention of getting away from the simple work/sleep discussions of the past few months, to try and at least think and feel things as I type them here, but I can’t really say anything about yesterday and today thus far that don’t involve those two subjects. For whatever reason, my whole “early to bed” plan has turned into some kind of dual-nap situation where I’m crashing out for about 5 hours every 7 hours, just to wake up, get back to work, then fall asleep again. It’s half-refreshing, half-annoying in that I would like something a bit more traditional right now in my life, but hey, at least I’m well-rested.

I’m not sure if it’s my body fighting off a sickness, or some kind of cabin feverish malaise as winter gives its last gasps, or even if it’s just because I’ve spent the bulk of my free time the past 48 hours doing nothing but reading, and it’s wearing me out. It could be any, all, two out of three, none, who knows.  Honestly, even if I spend half the day it seems sleeping at various times, it kind of beats dealing with the less desirable aspects of the present. So maybe it could be that malaise thing after all.


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