Everyone’s a Small Cowboy

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was the kind of day where I got a lot done, then passed out on the couch by noon, and couldn’t quite get back into my groove. A few more things were finished, but not quite at the same pace. Just kept pushing at…something, and then I started to feel crummier and crummier thanks to this cold thingy, took some Nyquil, let it take effect, then passed out. I didn’t think I’d be waking up in the middle of the night still, but I can’t say I’m very surprised either. C’est la vie.

Today, the same plan is in effect. Take some more cold medicine, work straight through to sunrise, then take a small break to play some video games, maybe eat a lunch. May or may not nap in the afternoon again. It felt good, and I do need the rest, but I’d like to stay up and still be getting things done. Get on through to night, talk to some friends, take some more Nyquil, and pass out. Typing it out and reading it it seems a little bland and dull, but once I’m in the swing of things I don’t think I’ll notice or care too much. Oh, and lots and lots of music. I am feeling that like you wouldn’t believe.


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