Posted: March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Maybe I overdid it. I haven’t really been “out of the house” in a few weeks, save for trips to the store, the bank, for food, et cetera. Yesterday I got a text asking me to come play photographer for a Warhammer 40K tournament at the comic shop, and I figured sure, I have a camera, I can do that.

I should point out that for the 7 hours I’d been awake prior to receiving this text, I cleaned my whole living room, did all the dishes, and worked out for about two and a half hours. Nothing terribly strenuous, but I’d been on my feet all day. So I biked to the comic shop, got a flat tire when I was about two blocks away, walked it in, and then was on my feet all day snapping photos. I got home about two hours after I’ve been going to bed, stayed up for another two, then crashed out. This morning, my feet still hurt. I’ve been so lazy and cold that I have sat in my chair doing nothing for five minutes rather than get up far enough to find underpants and my remote to play a video game. And in about an hour, I’m going back to take more pictures of the second half of the event. The things you do for friends, right?


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