Obfuscation, LLC

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was over much sooner than I was expecting. In that now I’m sitting here thinking about it, I’m not quite sure where the day went. We upgraded our internet at the apartment, ate some lunch, and then…I don’t remember. That’s okay, today’s already gotten off to a decent speed, and I’ll be moving along at that pace for a while. The roommate is taking the day off to play Mass Effect 3 all day, and as much as I would love to go out and buy the new Street Fighter X Tekken, I just don’t have the money for those frivolous expenses right now. I think I’ll be okay waiting for it to come down in price a good $15 or $20 before I bite the bullet.

Then again, my hand may be moved for me considering my relative preparedness to get ranking battles going in Cruces, I’m going to need at least a copy to run tournaments with. Who knows, maybe there will be enough volunteers to keep that from being a necessity for the time being. I am really excited about getting them up and running, even if turnout is low for a bit or permanently. Just another attempt to fill the gaping hole in my soul left when the last decent arcade nearby packed up and vamoosed.


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