Donut Donut Sock

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s a quiet Thursday afternoon (it’s Thursday, right?), I’m sitting here with a stack of freshly opened packages containing work to get done to my left, a bowl of hot ravioli in my lap, and a can-do attitude that brings it all together. I don’t really remember sleeping last night.I know that I did, but I remember laying down at midnight, opening my eyes and looking at the clock saying 6 AM. I couldn’t tell if I’d spent that time just laying there thinking about race cars or if I had actually slept.

My free time is being consumed lately by a free-to-play game, Trackmania Nations Forever. Only requiring arrow keys to play, the ingenious thing about this game is that despite its simplicity, its community has driven it to complex and head-scratching heights. The included race tracks are for the most part easy enough to complete, with the time challenges proving to be the tricky part. Online however, the user-created content runs the gamut from technical and fast to almost puzzle-like in trying to complete a course. I am addicted, and I am doing my best to convert as many people as I can to this new recreation of mine. I know, I can be quite the pusher when I want to be. And yet I hate when people do it to me, usually. Better jot that down in the character flaw column.


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