Profane Profundity

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today is a day in the wrong time and place. It feels like a desert January, or perhaps an April in the midwest, but here I am, and here it is. Haven’t seen a drop of sunlight all day, it rained for a few hours, it’s cold, it’s damp, it’s the kind of day where you stay home, eat soup and wait for sleep to come back around.

However, that simply is not the case. I have too much to do in terms of work, then in terms of getting haircut, and going to the bank. Tonight is a party, of the housewarming variety, and I am looking forward to playing in a giant poker game (by our standards), ogling a Mega Drive library (looking, not touching) and digging into some decadent feast filled with potatoes and turduckens and god only knows what else. As a result, I have done my best to only eat the things I need to get me to that point, and I’m pretty sure I’m there. I could eat right now, and eating while I’m out will be tempting. Not to mention that if this weather holds, I guarantee there is a big bowl of pho in my…pho-ture, but my eyes are on the prize. Three birds, one bite. I’m coming home for you, baby.


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