Mort du Fin

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lying in bed last night, I tried to figure out what needs to change. What has to get different. Or…just what isn’t working, and my mind turned again and again to my website. Not because it ought to be making me money, but because it ought to exist as a satisfactory creative outlet for me. And it’s not. Not at all. I do get to post some interesting things up there, and it has given me the chance to reach out to some creative individuals whom I admire, but as far as I can tell, nobody cares. So since I’m talking to myself, I at least should be doing it in a way that builds my portfolio. I should be making content, not aggregating it.

In my head, I’m saying “Make another blog. Somehow this one will actually work.” If it’s space for me and me alone, then I can bend the rules. I don’t have to worry about derailing from the point. I can talk to my heart’s content, with text, pictures, audio, video, whatever flavor of content I elect to roll with. In a way, that sounds incredibly liberating. On the other hand, I have to look at it and ask myself how this time will be any different.


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