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Posted: March 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sleep is gone, no sunlight, but it doesn’t matter. I just never got tired, and now I’m thinking I just have to stay up for as long as possible. Flip around, do the ol’ now you’re sleeping, now you’re not routine. In reality, I probably have maybe an hour or two left by my estimation.

The ides of March have come and gone and I am dealing with their wake. I think I use that verb on here a lot, “dealing.” It’s vague enough to indicate that I am working on it without tipping too much information as to what is making me pull my hair out and what I barely notice.  On any given day, it could be either reaction to just about anything. If I’m having a hard day, then yeah, I’m going to sweat the small stuff. If I know I can’t fix it and that isn’t bugging me, then even the most immediate problems can take a number and wait.

Next week I’m hoping to be in El Paso for Spring Break, visiting with friends and “family,” it’ll give me a good chance to get some work done when I can’t sleep, as opposed to the absolute obstacle course of distractions I can default to here in my room/office/junkyard.


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