Accidental Milestones

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Apparently I’ve written 400 posts. How many of those are interesting? Probably less than 25, but I’m dedicated that’s for sure. In a lot of ways, that’s the deciding factor between whether a project actually works or not. I’m still giving thought to repurposing my site as a brand or a network rather than a site, and a lot of that is going to require dedication. Especially when the new focus involves me as a producer and manager and personality, and less dependence on anyone else to do anything besides, hopefully, take it in.

I am spending the week in El Paso visiting with some of my favorite people, but still staying productive. The only real downside is that I am physically exhausted and can’t stop yawning, and then that’s made worse by my allergies, reacting to the myriad dogs present here, all of whom I am no longer used to breathing around. So I’m eating a ton of ice to try and regulate my breathing, and it’s working. But it’s requiring a lot of ice, and if this afternoon’s nap is any indication, I might not be sleeping well the next couple of days. But then the previous couple days I haven’t been sleeping at all, so the difficulty is a welcome change.


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