Freezer Born

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

So here’s the plan. Not going to sleep any time soon anyways. From now until sunrise, and then a little past, I’ve got work to do. Reviews to write, job applications to respond to, articles to compose. I might finish the reviews, I don’t know. If I do, then I have to wait for daylight to take pictures. If I finish the articles…well, that’s probably not happening. If I finish the job postings, I have a house to clean. I feel like I could put in a good couple or hours in the gym really exhausting myself, too.

Then when I can’t take anymore, I’ll lay down. But I know what I have to do. I have to get my bills paid in April before the month is half over. The other half of the month I have to keep working. Pay a few people back to whom I owe money, pay into my taxes, get out of debt. Set aside a little money. Save up for those DDR pads I want. Save up for those arcade machines that I want to fawn over, cleaning incessantly like a choice car, beaming over with parental pride until they work flawlessly. That’s where I want to be. That’s how I want this summer to shake down.


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