Feverish and Wild

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, largely as expected, was strange. I’d like to say that things went off without a hitch, everything was smooth, and that the experience was 100% gratifying. Instead it started off as a mad dash of kludges and compromises, from a total lack of sleep to drinking my first caffeinated soda in 3 years just because I had to be alert and I know the jolt a larger dose of caffeine than my body had seen in so long would do the trick, then figuring out how to get the systems running appropriately (gotta have your patches up to date, homies), trying to troubleshoot a breaker that needed to be reset, dealing with a disappointingly low number of tournament entrants (though apparently enough to make the event a success) and so on, and so forth. The end result however, was much better than my ill-fated Tekken 5 tournament when I worked at Tilt, something I still feel apologetic before even if there were mostly circumstances outside of my control that prevented that from being a success, despite the nearly 30 people who showed up to play. Still, I met some new people, was, I think, extraordinarily nice to them, and as a result, I think I have enough to get together a weekly group and have some fun at least. And really, wasn’t that my ulterior motive all along? Maybe not entirely, but certainly enough to make it all sound like a good idea.


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