From Wood, From Oil

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had to take the time to rest after this weekend. My feet hurt, my energy was sapped, I just needed to lay down and sleep, and I’ve certainly been doing a lot of that. Now that I’m recovering, I don’t really want to move or do anything, but there are some nice opportunities waiting for me, and I’m poised to attack them.

I’ve felt sick, but I think it was just my body being too weak. I ran around, I never really stopped to catch my breath, just making sure things were going well, shaking some hands, heck I even managed to take 3rd in Street Fighter 4, so there’s something. It net me a cool $4 when it cost $5 to enter, but I suppose the confidence was worth that $1. When all was said and done, the weekend was gone, I’d slept for maybe 6 hours total from Friday to Sunday, I’d eaten 1.5, maybe 2 full meals, and so as the situation wound to a close, I climbed into bed, and inexplicably laid there.

Yes, for whatever reason, running on empty seems to be what my body wants to do right now. My appetite is low, my energy is…well, also low, but I can’t seem to get to sleep unless I’m so tired that I can fall asleep on my back. I’m not entirely complaining, it’s saving me grocery money and I always sleep best when I’m so tired it’s the only option, I just don’t feel at my best until I’m well-fed and on some kind of regularish schedule. I don’t ask for much. I’d just like to be snoring before the sun makes it out.


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