Mechanical Resistance

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

If I could take a series of sighing sounds and string enough of them here to meet my desired average blog post length, that’s probably what I would leave her at this time. An old chair finally gave out last night and rather than have it collapse beneath me, I made the decision to retire it. So I’m sitting here, equally hopped up on sugar and brought down by the last desirable beer in the fridge (somebody please drink this Bud Light and Clamato, I hate to waste beer, but…eww), in a slightly less comfortable yet more supportive and structurally sound chair, and finding that pivotal balance all over again.

It’s a daily routine, trying to push everything emotional out of my brain while maintaining creativity. I don’t really like to color my professional work with my personal life. Then I need to figure out how much work I can do before the brain gets restless and I need to relax. Take that amount, add another hour or two, and find sleep somewhere in the middle, voila – the golden ratio. But every day is different, as far as motivation, energy level, mental health, and so each day it seems I’m feeling a new one out. At least it keeps things fresh and rut-free, which is something I greatly appreciate.


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