Breaking the Fourth Square

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

First and foremost, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, while moderately tasty, are not nearly worth their cost. Especially when your eggs are cold. For less than half of the price, I bought a bag of clearance Easter candy that did more to satisfy my hunger, although it probably wasn’t as nutritious. I guess the two might balance out.

Waking up at mostly normal hours has somehow screwed up my perception of the week, I keep thinking today is Friday, or at least Thursday, but I guess it’s not true. On the plus side, it wasn’t dark outside when I woke up.

Speaking of waking up, I was pretty sure today was going to be extremely productive, and then I found a bunch of hilarious internet videos and, well, I recall the many words I have read about closing off all access to the outside world when you need to get some writing done.

My New Year’s resolution was to complete a book, and I still intend to meet that goal. However, plenty of people have completed books, and many of them are awful, or nothing happens to them. So I’ve already set aside a resolution for next year, which is to “No longer languish in obscurity.”


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