Compulsion and Dry Feet

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Trying a new tactic today, something that will not only help me get things done, but help me get done more than just the usual “easy” things that I have a habit of banging out and then saying “Well, I’m already half-done with the day, might as well take a nice 14 hour break.”

So far, it’s working. The first thing I did today was something I’ve been putting off for two weeks now, sadly, and it’s just about done now, if it weren’t for server trouble, I could confidently say it’s all the way finished. But hey, if all I need to wait on is for a website to work correctly, that’s the easy part of the job.

There’s still a lot to do, but I hope that this method will help me spread things out a bit, not get so burnt out, and still take the opportunity to enjoy my day. Sure, it’s already a quarter past 8 and I’m only, completion wise, about 15% finished with everything I want to do, but I have books to write, not just work to do, I have pounds to shed, not just games to play. Part of me wishes I could find a system that works and stick to it, the other part of me is glad I’m creative enough to invent new methods of pushing myself each time one gets stale.

  1. agirlofglass says:

    “Well, I’m already half-done with the day, might as well take a nice 14 hour break.”

    Is that a genetic thing, or just a freelance thing?

    I also find that I have to constantly change up my work strategies. I keep hoping one of these days I’ll find the magic one that works close enough to perfectly for me on a consistent basis, but so far experience shows me that I just need to change things upon a regular basis to stay productive. And yeah, I guess that’s okay too. It keeps things fresh at least.

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