Disturbing the Pieces

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

No doubt it’s because I’m continuing to try and put myself into some kind of shape that is less rounded, but I adamantly refused to get out of bed this morning, despite how uncomfortable I felt. I found that I could force myself into a few more quick rounds of dreaming, only to wake up 30 minutes later, bones and joints still wailing with soreness. People don’t get fat because they’re lazy, I think. They get fat because food typically makes you feel good, and exercise typically winds up with you feeling like some kind of pretzel.

Even now, realizing that my water bottle is across the room, I am cringing with horror at the prospect of having go to go get it. But I am thirsty, and I must.


Six days into my expedition, I have discovered a flat, cushioned surface I once knew as a bed. Now, I believe I know it as my final resting place. Any further movement seems to be impossible at worst, futile at best. Using a long stick, I am able to slowly, carefully type from the entire distance that I have traveled thus far. Now all I can do is merely, lie and wait, wait for something to come on television or for food to be prepared. There is no other chance for survival.


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