Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

I can say this safely because it’s a one-way conversation. I gave up on Twitter long ago, I never found my comfort level with Google+, but I still use Facebook because of its universality, because I can talk with people I know intimately and those I barely know with the same level of comfort, under the supposed pretense of getting to communicate directly and serve as an audience for them.

Now I’m not saying that what people are showing me is who they are, but so much of the “content” “generated” by the dozen dozen people I follow is just bland, devoid of input. A quote of a quote of a quote, a petition of pats on the back. I didn’t sign up to see the pictures you like that somebody else posted, I want to see pictures posted, I want thoughts and honesty and humanity. I know some people can’t or won’t be so forthright and open with their emotions on the internet or elsewhere, but I’ve been engaged in my own little form of social protest. Aside from the occasional post about plans, I’ve been posting only music. It falls into the same vein, but I always make sure to say something along with it, something to make it honest, to show you where my head is, and to share something I care about not just today while it’s viral, but in the long-term. I’m not looking for comments, or likes, I just hope I’m offering some oasis in this desolate, bland landscape that I feel I’m seeing.


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