Glue on Glass, Sponge on Sea

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Somehow, we’ve come to Thursday. This week has been markedly different than the others preceding it, and the next few days ought to be equally curious in nature. I’m here, awake for another hour and a half, moving the chains and getting my money’s worth out of the night. Already plans are made for cinema viewing, house parties, formal attire…the mind boggles. But there is a world outside of these walls, and sometimes I get so busy working or looking for ways to avoid work that I neglect the possibilities that occur beyond them.

So hey, if I can put yet another plate in the air, I’m that much closer to human being-hood.

Normally, I blog a lot about my sleep. This happened for a few reasons. First, I tend to write my posts either shortly before or shortly after sleep. Second, my life is that dull. Third, my brain does some wacky things when it’s keeping me chained to the pillow. But the past few days I don’t really remember anything about it at all. Maybe I’m just not as bored. Maybe it’s just a phase. Not punk, not urban, just less sleep-focused. I guess you can still be boring, just not bored.


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