Distraught; Turbulent

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you put a bullet inside the toughest man you’ve ever seen, he bleeds out just like everyone else. He might still charge you, he may be capable of dragging you to hell with him, but a bullet is all it takes to bring down the tallest Goliath. I tell this to everyone who becomes my contemporary, only not in so many words, and with more epithets, slurs, and profanity. These kids don’t respect how verbose I am, they respect the low temperature of my blood. Sometimes I think I should just drop the front and point the barrel at their temple if they dare to laugh, but considering the work that needs to be done, an identity crisis isn’t exactly something I can make time for.

Besides, in a lot of ways it helps. Turns out if you can talk to the police in a learned, respectful fashion, it’s almost entirely enough to get them off your trail and give you enough time to bleed the pig that sent them sniffing at your door in the first place.

So I give them a taste of the language they’re comfortable with, that they expect, and it keeps all the gears in this machine spinning cleanly. If it were up to me, we’d at least look for somebody who could pass a college entrance exam before letting them into our little import/export business.


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