And Then There Was Something

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the beginning, there was probably nothing. Maybe not. These are the kinds of details nobody bothered to keep track of. Eventually things happened, and later still, people started to keep a record of which things happened, and gave a lot of time thinking about what didn’t happen, but nobody really keeps a list of all that.

Of course, the record of human history only tells at least 1% of the story. If that. Nations rise and fall, leaders inspire the people, and then the majority of those that turn the wheels continue to do so. Nobody really bothers to say anything about that. People toil for eternity, accomplish no grand shift, life goes on, the end.

Now in the postmodern age, people tend to go out of their way to not shake up the grand scheme of things, to let the elected leaders and celebrities handle all the hard stuff and meanwhile, if history could just stay out of their dirty laundry, that would be great.

The irony then, of course, is that all these people who desire insignificance get on their tiny digital soapboxes, announce which deli has the best sandwich for the cost, and their friends offer a mild applause in response. And the soapbox manufacturer writes it all down and saves it to add the minutia into a record of all that meant nothing.


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