A Barrel Spit From a Waterfall Like Food Launched Out Between Teeth with the Assistance of a Small Wooden Toothpick

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Take a look at a city map and you can tell that urban planners have no mind for whimsy or character, just efficiency. You might see some winding roads and European-style roundabouts, but those only tend to crop up far away from the actual cities themselves, up in the hills where geography predicates the decision or in rich neighborhoods where some amount of decorum is demanded by the falsely inflated land value. Those BMWs aren’t going to hug imaginary curves, after all.

I’m sure that at some point, some creative mind has found himself with the plans of a metropolis in progress and has been so beaten down by a board of directors, utility companies, homeowners’ associations, or enraged populaces who don’t see the need for flair in the creation and filling in of a city. Maybe they were strapped to a chair under the orders of vile Ludovico, hypnotized until all semblance of joy and childlike exuberance was stripped from them, until every map once wild with uniqueness and artistry was erased with a drag of the rubber and replaced with rectangles and squares, rectangles and squares.

In the hunger for certainty in a post-war world, it must have looked so pleasant. Now people hunger just for a glimpse at the contours of nature.


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