A List of Fluids Produced By My Body: Ranked From Least Favorite to Favorite

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the middle of Sunday afternoon, in the middle of October, in the middle of my living room, I laid on my back staring at the upside-down image of hour 3 of a Bruce Lee movie marathon on local television, one of those things that’s cheap enough to syndicate for a VHF station in Louisiana. Despite the bad dubs, the edited for TV gore, and the echoed sound effects, it was just interesting enough to keep me awake, to get me from growing restless until the sun went down and I could put myself back into bed without feeling guilty or that I had accomplished nothing. Each furious fist and bruised or broken extra was just a second off the clock.

Not to say the films weren’t enjoyable, of course, just that I wasn’t watching them because I’d been desiring it enough to rent or buy them and watch them at home. They were on, nothing else was, and I could state at the pictures without my brain interjecting. The only time it did this way was during commercial breaks, and even then it would be simple “That pizza looks good, buy me that pizza” messages. When the commercial ended, I would go back to watching Mr. Lee defeat the bad guys, reluctantly at first, and continued to wait for darkness to fall in the windows.


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