Kept Cold Until Ready

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

For most people in today’s instant gratification, I want it and I want it now society, breakfast isn’t really what it used to be. In modernized society, we each have our own refrigerators that keep stockpiles of food at optimal conditions until we not so much need as we want to eat it. At one point breakfast meant that you had probably woken up from sleep low on internal supplies and needing a refill. Now it’s just that we like the taste of bagels, coffee, eggs, ham, bacon, potatoes, cereal, you name it.

Even that ever-present TV phrase “part of a complete breakfast” makes us feel warm on the inside. And why? Because none of us have the energy, drive, or time to make ourselves a complete breakfast. Responsible nutrition for the single person is a luxury, a sort of wasteful excess that only the truly sinister would engage in. So we take a cigarette and a tall coffee with all the fixings and wait until we can indulge in lunch. Lunch is where we really throw nutrition to the wind, because we went without for breakfast and we’ve been working for 3 or 4 hours straight, don’t we deserve to be a little naughty? So bring on the seared beef dripping with fat and juices, the fried vegetables, and the ice cream. Lunch is the new hedonist ritual, an altar to all things out of control.


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