Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

It always struck me as funny when people made a big fuss about how everybody is the star of their own movie. I mean, some people make others the star of their movie, and they’re all slightly deranged, a little left of normal, if you follow me. Anyways, I decided to see how true it all was, so I write myself a screenplay. Nothing dramatic, nothing fantastical, I would just take notes on my day in a little legal pad, come home, and put them on the page.

I did it for six years. And you know what I found out? That for every hour that something even relatively interesting happened in my life, there were 100 more of pure, absolute monotony. I mean shouldn’t at least a half hour of a 90-minute movie be people sleeping? But then I guess that’s why we are where we are now. Always wanting the next punchline, the next explosion, bang-bang-bang, scene after scene in exhausting fashion.

It got to the point that I looked back at everything that had, or more accurately hadn’t happened in my life in six years’ time and I was pretty grateful. I’ve learned to appreciate all of the days where nothing of note happens to me.


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