Our Returning Champion

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you do something, and you do it poorly, you are subject to judgment, sneering, and perhaps a rather blunt request to not do that thing again. Once you get over the initial shame or feelings of regret, it’s really not so bad. You learn that you are not as good as you thought you might be at something, and the process leads you to prove everyone wrong or resign entirely from repeat attempts.

The real problem, and people might not believe this at first, is if you do so phenomenally well that the competition is left behind. Succeeding breeds the ugliest thing of all, that is to say, expectations. If you do well once, people expect you to continue to do well all of the time, never mind factors and variables like mental state, physical wellness, environmental data, luck, and the ever-present march toward deterioration that we all move along.

I think, and this is just my theory, that it is our society’s obsession with death that breeds a belief in repeat performances. We want to see someone who wins continue to try to win again, and again, and again. It has nothing to do with their level of performance, and more to do with how the very nature of life itself conspires against them, edging them toward a loss.


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