Highlighting in Ink

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

After trust, in that blood violent ugly hue of sight when you know you have been wronged and the only decision is to accept it and move on or understand the very sinister depth of it all, there is endless room for mistakes.

Everybody has their secrets, and this is universal to all people. Even somebody who can shamelessly tell you the horrible things they do tend to either ease into the really bad stuff, or lead off with it so nothing else really matters as much. It’s a secret either way.

And so no matter who you are, or what your relationship is to the people around you, there is something you would rather a majority of those people not know about you. Again, this is completely fine.

But when you trust somebody, and the thing they lock down deepest in their heart is about a wrong toward you, then you adopt the persona of a man possessed, a furious, unflappable bullet headed direct to point B with no misfires, no ricochets, just the drive to know what has been done and why it will not be spoken of or apologized for.

And when you learn the truth, it is that very behavior that so often finds its way into your heart’s basement as well – a contagion of deception and shame spread from human mistake to human mistake.


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