Endless Autumn

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I could build a city from nostalgia and memory, an organism with concrete skin and pipes for veins that grows daily. Shaded by a chilly night, carpeted by thick yellow leaves glued to the streets with rainfall, bicycle tires ripping through puddles heading from the suburbs into the city proper, carrying moments of perfect contentment. A silent affair broken up by the sound of a passing car every few minutes, a perfect creation demanding respectful quiet.

Some nights I live there, at the top of the hill leading down into the heart of that urban sprawl, staring down into the lights as red changes to green and then back to red. I know every building, every street corner, every smell and flavor and sight the city offers. Many of the people walking the streets are my friends and loved ones, I have placed them there. Every home is bright and warm, every shop is open and prospering.

Yet despite how much I love it there, I always leave without staying too long. I have to come back to this land of disorder to gather up more places, more people to bring with me, but I try and come back to visit whenever I can. I’d like to retire there when the time is right.


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