Urbane Legend

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The television era killed out most of the bogeymen, the shadow people and the spider eggs in the fridge. They persisted in Twilight Zone reruns, clinging to threads, or the occasional news magazine article, but continue to die a slow death. Other predators have climbed up to replace them, some bringing with them an innocuous jingle like the Violinist of Hamlin, others flashing wicked smiles on the evening news, or inhuman grins in a police sketch.

But people just aren’t scared of monsters anymore, just other people. It still racks up the body count, still makes people lock their doors at night, but the mystery, the fear of the unknown is gone, and replacing it is the pitting of man against man. The fear of each other trumping fear of the dark and the things that live there.

Still, deep down it’s not cannibalism or murder that drives the violence between people, but the influence of unseen forces, of creatures playing man or playing with men and creating the conflict that greases the wheels of progress, much as it took our status as prey to create shelter, and weapons, and serve as the catalyst for modern society as we know it. But the people on the other side of the glass are still watching you, and they’re waiting for the right time to feast upon the flesh that stares back into the cage.


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