A Table to Hide Beneath

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

The dark is scary. It scares us because it is unviewable, unknowable. A primal fear, a switch in the head that says “This is when the things that can and want to eat you are moving around. Stay awake long enough to find a safe hiding spot.” Even now, in the age of homes and street lamps, we fear the night. The more monstrous of men use the time and their predatorial nature to inflict harm upon the gatherers, the domesticated men.

And though we now dread the sunrise, the sound of birds, an alarm that tells us the perfect rest of sleep has come to an end, inside of us all is a beast that sighs happily knowing that the fear associated with the dead of night is shrunken once more. It is a heaving sigh that happens only in the darkest subconscious of most people any longer, but it remains there, grateful for the walls and the heat and the drawn curtains, but knowing full well that these are just material comforts, and that the things that really want to grab us and pull us into the dark are not vanished but biding time, and that when they want the meat from our bones, they will make ways to have it, much as we have made ways to impede them.


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