Mood Rings

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

People, like many of the necessities in life (air, food, water, sun) can be gone without for long periods of time, but not without a noticeable detriment to the person abstaining. It may not seem as obvious as asphyxiating or starving, and indeed you might not even notice it until someone finally does make contact with you and says “Geez, guy. You smell awful, you look worse, and people are protecting their children from you.”

So it stands to reason that it is because of the random and unexpected progression of events that we struggle so hard to keep up appearances. Even if we swear off the inevitable sin that is socialization, people have a way of crawling into each other’s personal space in the name of curiosity or conquest. So when that time comes, we prefer to be in control, prepared, and the only way to accomplish that is with repeated practice in speaking with and dealing with other human beings.

Some animals are solitary, some beasts prefer groups. It seems the inevitable plight of the human being that we crave transcendental loneliness yet require the company of others to round out the experiences we trudge through on a daily basis.


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