Posted: July 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I slept all day, and have consumed a solid 2 gallons of liquid in the last 48 hours. Probably closer to 3. The end result? I feel pretty good. My strategy of getting everything out of my body has served me pretty well, it seems. I would have liked to not wasted yesterday so completely, but I managed to squeeze in an hour run, and I got some things done, and well. It’s better than nothing.

There’s still some lingering anxiety approaching and I’m doing my best to ignore it and just get things done. If that plan holds or not, well. We’ll see. But I’m good, thanks, and break officially over and so tomorrow I’ll be back to being creative. But I needed a day to recover and another to recoup and I appreciate the patience. Less of this real stuff. More of the unreal. It’s easier to come up with something to say that way, anyhow.

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