Cotton Belt Blues

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Everything in the room was plastic, and this distressed Damon much more than he or anyone else would have guessed. Plastic dinner plates, plastic cups, plastic silverware, plastic on the furniture, plastic, plastic, plastic. Even Anne looked plastic underneath the dim glow of lights hidden behind plastic bulbs.

Where did reality get to so quickly, he wondered.

Slowly, he excused himself to the kitchen for a breath of fresh air that he sorely needed. At least there were materials in here – metal sink, glass windows (maybe), here things felt real. Hell, some of the food might have been real, and he dove into the refrigerator looking for some of that. Finding none, he tried the freezer, and cast his eyes squarely on the piece of wedding cake with the tiny bride and groom standing on top of an icing carpet. Plastic.

“How appropriate.” he sighed, listening to the box hiss as he closed the door with his hand on the plastic handle.


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