Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

The smell of baking potatoes wafted out through the kitchen window, out into the backyard garden, and mixed with the earthly smells of soil, pollen, and humidity. Isaac and Lola were busy pretending to be animals of different varities, taking turns as jungle creatures or birds, complete with choreography and mimicry. However, once the smell of hot food reached their tiny nostrils, they scrambled frantically to reach their grandmother’s kitchen first, as though the food would somehow be ready to eat immediately, as though they would not be required to wash up and dress nicely before sitting down to another meal.

Lola tripped on a rock but twirled on her ankle to maintain her balance, knocking Isaac squarely over in the process. Isaac, having put a considerable impact on the tip of his tailbone, began to cry. Though Lola had a clear shot at a first place finish, she stopped, helping her brother up and hugging him tenderly until he felt better. Had the roles reversed, Isaac would have gloated, sprinting for the door and sticking his tongue out at an injured sister through the window. But then, that has always been the major difference between little boys and little girls.


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