Born from Heads

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

To live in a house that does not straddle a road is to live away from people. Where there are roads, there are always travelers and the only sure way to be alone is to build your domicile somewhere not easily found. Be it cave, or forest, or cliffside, an alternative house offers privacy from the masses and admiration from the adventurous few who may come knocking on your door merely for the thrill of it. Even in remote conditions, one will always have guests.

The reason for this is the very nature of habitation. If you live somewhere habitable, someone else will find it. If you live somewhere uninhabitable, you are dead. Someone may eventually find you, but then the odds are good that they will die too. Science favors trips into the uninhabitable, but these things have time limits to prevent visitors from succumbing to the very conditions that made your poorly chosen home a death trap.

Loneliness, then, is more a personal problem than anything. Or a problem with persons. There are billions of them all over, and the odds of all of them not liking you or not understanding you are pretty damn slim. You may have to learn Mandarin Chinese to fit in, but in the end you will make at least one friend out of it.


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