How To Stoop Lower Than Ever and 59 Other Ways to Punch a Birthday Clown

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The long grains of carpet felt like yarn on Danielle’s bare feet, like a crude natural grass made by arts and crafts. The deep red of the walls and the black cast-iron candlesticks laid down and rolling in wide circles on the large dining room table  created a sensation of a dollhouse being picked up and spun around by a young girl’s rambunctious brother. She wasn’t in Kansas, and she wasn’t going to Oz. In all likelihood, she was moments from death.

There are times like this in everyone’s life, though perhaps not so literal. Eventually all people, even monarchs and presidents, are faced with situations that they can not possibly hope to control. The kneejerk reaction is to panic, to flail about and try and do something. The more adjusted folk of the human race recognize these moments, grab onto something sturdy, and do their best to maintain some kind of stability. Sometimes you ride the horse, and sometimes the horse takes you for a ride.

As the sounds of air screamed past her ears and pushed her hair into comical towers of yellowish-brown fibers, Danielle thought about her cat, and whether or not her mother would take care of her.


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