Peons Beneath

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

High up in the clouds, four men looked down on the land that they were so chained to for centuries. Each held a pistol parallel to his temple, and at the mark, they would begin raining their fire down upon the soil and the people still planted firmly to it. This was their master plan, this was the start of a new regime. As their hot air balloon floated serenely among the birds, the loud pops of a chamber being emptied and reloaded filled the sky. Charles aimed straight for a water tower and chuckled as the vital fluid poured down in a tiny stream onto the soil.

“Charles, you sinister son of a bitch.” He said condemning himself playfully. Two of the other men were blindly firing, deciding that random chance would be the judge and executioner of the day. If they hit nothing, that was one more bullet that was never meant to kill. If they hit flesh, it was merely meant to be. The fourth, Baron James, he had fashioned a binocular system to his face and aimed squarely for any moving target he saw. His intent was to kill. And so the afternoon of terror reigned on until the bullets were gone. Then it was time to return home and read the evening news.


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