A Distant Second

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The human body is a disgusting squishy bag of fluids all trying to get out. Some get coughed out, sneezed out, poked out, pulled out, scratched out, spat out, and some just leak out on their own. Everything about it is vile and wretched. No wonder aliens are always so eager to come to Earth and wipe them all out in the movies. Their personal ecosystems are probably much more efficient. They probably don’t sweat when it’s hot out, they probably don’t wake up with zits on their face. To think of these pink apes walking around without science, greasy and slimy and slobbering and naked with just a small amount of hair covering their wiry bodies, it’s enough to make a man want to expel fluid violently through his throat. That’s how you make the argument for evolution, is that humans had the good sense to see how completely unappealing they were even to themselves let alone the rest of the animal kingdom, and developed culture, developed manners, created textiles to cover their hideous forms. In time they began to keep their teeth, to cut their hair, to feel shame, and that development is perhaps the only thing keeping the planet from wiping them out completely.


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