Speaking in Sold Tongues

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

The dead look in the eyes of a bus driver come from about four months of simply doing their job. There’s a difference between a bus driver and a cab driver, and socializing tends to be the major factor. You might wonder what the difference is and the answer is fairly simple. People who take a cab are spending about $20 for a ride, a bus passenger about $2. What this means is that a cab driver has to work for a tip, that they have to provide an expected level of service. What this also means is that the average cab passenger has places to go, things to accomplish, and teeth in their mouth.

If you ride the bus long enough, you get to meet one of the talkative types. They sit in the front, and they look around for a passenger to talk to. When everybody else shrinks away, they engage the driver, and this is the behavior that enforces the dead look. The friendliness is nice, as I’m sure driving a metal box in circles all day can get tedious. But when you hear the nonsense that spills from their mouth, the inanity, the beer commercial slogans, you just want to point to the sign that says “Do not speak to the driver while the bus is in motion” and glare.


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