Amateur Medicine

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am adrift. I have been this way for days and when I open my eyes I will realize that the instability of my balance is partially a lack of nutrients and energy, and partially the literal motion of the water beneath me. This is my mantra and I have been telling myself this every day for eleven days now. My skin is baked red and itchy, my organs tired from drinking and vomiting the salted water of the ocean. Only today as I open my eyes and plant a hand down carefully to try and roll over to the slightly less red skin of my underside, I feel grains of wet sand slipping between my fingers instead of the hard rubber of my raft. Another hallucination most likely.

Only now there is sand in my mouth. It tastes awful, and feels worse, and I struggle to spit it out without sending more sodium chloride coughing out of my beleaguered insides. My eyes open with a twitch and a creak and I realize the good news and the bad news all in one second. I am really on land, I am no longer moving, and I have no idea where I am or if I am any better off on this chunk of rock than in the raft I can no longer find. Wherever I am now, that will just have to be my home.


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