Take the Stage

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

At some point you want to be on the other end of the transaction. It works both ways. Eventually you get sick of pushing your way through the bodies packed so tight that breathing becomes a luxury. Jumping up and down not only with excitement but because there’s precious air above the huddled throngs of hype. You want to know how it feels to hear your name. To hear the crowd blow up at your performance.

Then you make it all the way to the front of the crowd, get a real good look at what you’re seeing – just people, still. You realize it’s possible. You go home, you practice, you practice, you quit, you come back, you practice, and then with the prerequisite bodily fluids and a generous amount of blind luck, there you are, waiting. Teasing. Hearing your name in a mindless primitive chant, the way people would riot for a basic human need left unfulfilled. You stand there, eyes closed, and you drink it in. This is the moment you worked so incredibly hard for finally come to life. And after you come out enough times, hear the relieved screams enough times, you begin to want something again as much as these thousands of people want you.


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