Posted: October 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

When you’re at a point where you know that you’re dreaming and you just go with it anyways because you want to prove to your brain the things that you’re capable of, you’re a fool. And that’s how I found myself, barreling down an old country road in the front of a school bus, trying desperately to make the blueberry donuts fall out of the snack machine. However, some delirious stock boy changed all the numbers around, not in the machine itself but in it’s programming. The paper numbers were all in sequential order, but pressing them caused different spirals to turn. In a panic, I noticed this and pressed cancel as fast as I could. After all, I’d put $1.50 in this machine specifically for donuts. I tried combination after combination, not being able to find the magic numbers, flying out of my seat as the bus popped over speed bumps and railroad tracks. Finally, I tried a fifth number, and an eclair started to come out. I reached for the cancel button swiftly, only to have a bump jar me up from my seat and away from the vending machine control panel. Tragically, the eclair fell to the machine’s bottom and the donuts were lost forever. Then I remembered how much I like eclairs and my short-lived disappointment was slayed.


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