Hard Times for Father Louis

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

The dirty black boot kicked the furnace two, three, four, five times. Aside from the loud bang of the metal echoing in the damp basement, something rattled inside. He made a mental list of possibilities – machine parts, something placed in the air vents that fell through like a coin, rodent bones. He really, really hoped it was a coin. “Come on, start already.” Two more kicks and something stirred. He stood, arms crossed, staring at the metal contraption. The pose was made to show his impatience, but also to keep his shivering red hands warmer. He paced, trying to move around a bit while he waited, until finally, with a loud whump of a sound, the furnace kicked on.

He exhaled gratefully, hoping he could figure some way of manipulating the thermostat to keep it on for as long as possible, and climbed the creaking wooden stairs slowly as he did so. The floor above ground was still coated in a film of dim yellow from the single bulb above the kitchen sink. He shut the door to the basement and washed his hands directly beneath the sole light. Staring out the window, he watched as the thick whiteness continued to pile up, and made a mental note to only shovel half the parking lot. Most people would be using the weather to take this Sunday off.


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