Posted: October 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

The woods were turning red and growing loud. Wind found its way easier through the brown bark with no living leaves to slow it, and all the creatures dwelling within were busy making holes or migrating south. The dirt, Valerie noted by scooping up a clump between her middle finger, index finger, and thumb before rolling it into smaller chunks that fell back from whence they came, was moist but brittle. It was sturdy beneath the treads of her boots, but not frozen yet. She leaned back and rolled to her back, flinging her legs into the air in a cartoonish fashion before letting them bounce back to terra firma with a  dull thud. She looked up at the grey-blue sky, watching as clouds rolled overhead, unable to decide between rain or snow and, feeling awkward about the whole mess moving on as if it never intended to drop precipitation at all. The red sweater beneath Valerie’s white coat picked up traces of the forest soil from where her coat had ridden up her back an inch or two. She might be upset at dirtying her clothes, but she would be just as pleased that she could take some small piece of this moment home with her.


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