One Versus Four

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

With a tiny sizzle, the eggs cooked in the pan without a thought in their tiny unformed heads. The bread toasted lightly, giving off a tiny tornado of grey smoke sucked into the kitchen vent over the stove, winded through pipes and pushed to the outside November air, lost in the cold, dark breeze of morning.

The children pulled the blankets tight around their shoulders, turning away from their windows. They were still too young to have alarm clocks in their rooms, too young to be called awake by anything but the smells of the breakfast or the loving nudge of their parents slowly rocking them into consciousness.

Meanwhile, he showered, she sat on the foot of the bed, brushing the tangles out of her hair, looking down at the floor, or at a piece of furniture and thinking about tiny things, humming small songs, imagining miniature houses and lawns.

There would be 45 minutes of chaos followed by the zipping of backpacks, the brown paper bagging of lunches, kisses and car doors, and then the silent hum of a robotic vacuum, the churning gush of the dishwasher and the rhythmic clack of the clothes dryer. Peace for 9 hours.


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