Milk and Tea

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

He’d worked the number out to something like 17% of his life, sitting at this desk, navigating from spreadsheet to pie chart to spreadsheet, from just after sunrise to often long into night, all for the sake of making his office space slightly larger every few years. He had a window now, but it made him feel worse. It let him look down at the rest of the city and see people doing things, going to sporting events, partying on the weekends, going in and out of restaurants. The usual takeout box was growing cold just over a foot from his face.

He popped open a new window on his monitor and made a quick pie chart, two fields. Not at work, at work, daily. The blue “at work” slice of pie was hardly a slice, it was the whole damn pie. Shaking his head, he decided to see it. The second pie chart, not at work, at work, lifetime. He plugged in the estimated 17% he’d worked out months ago and saw what it looked like. In a way, it was smaller than he thought it would be, but he remembered this number factored in his childhood, his teenage years, some of his college days. He’d also allowed for a retirement, but he wondered if he would ever really see those days.


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