Ready, Aim

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am capable of doing many things, but I have a favorite, something that I love to do and never get tired of. Besides that. And so whenever I have a spare moment or if the other parts of life begin to weigh down on me, I turn to this activity for relief, for something that I can lose myself in. Now, under the present circumstances, I am being told that I will be given ample time to do this thing, but first I must exercise patience. The result is that I am teetering on madness. All my thoughts are occupied with the eventual commencement of this activity, and it is tempting to sneak in some time prior to when I am being permitted to dedicate myself.

I worry though, that if I jump the gun I may be penalized, that I may penalize myself, and so I continue to wait, tantalizing self with taste and whisper, teasing the mind with promise and possibility. It is terrible, yet excellent, a warm-up lap that seems to go on forever, and I may find in time that giving myself this haunt of an experience prior to play is something that yields much better results in the long run.


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