Posted: November 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ryan parked his car in a Waffle House parking lot, facing the plain cream-colored blinds and quickly unbuckled his seat belt, approaching the front door in a sort of waddling hop. As he opened the sole glass door with a pull, a thirty-something woman with too much make-up and thin hair dyed black and curled up into a bird’s nest of a hairdo looked at Ryan walking in with his knees pointed slightly inward and bent. She pointed over her right shoulder. “Restrooms are just around the corner past the kitchen, doll.” Ryan smiled nervously and nodded without saying anything. He looked at her name tag, read the name “Dawn” printed out and stuck on with a label maker, wanted to address her in a personal way. The words got stuck in his throat awkwardly and his kidneys were aching, so he merely excused himself.


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