The Rules of the Game

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Nonsense man, you gotta dress your part. A boozing, noisy fuck-off like me, this fits the bill perfect. People see me and they know they’re getting Joey Ramone. Which is good, I can’t go too punk and project Iggy Pop. I can’t do Iggy Pop, that kind of shit hurts the next day if you even get that far. But you, if you showed up dressed like this,” Neal motioned toward his own clothes, “they’d think you were Joey too. And you’re not. You’re quiet, thoughtful, introverted, you’ve got feelings and they’re important to you. But you also like to unwind and get sloppy drunk. So you show up like that, and everyone knows you’re Hemingway. And believe me, a Hemingway next to a Joey Ramone is exactly what you want. People will see us together and they’ll wonder how we know each other, why I hang out with you. They’ll ask themselves so many questions that eventually they’re just going to have to start asking you when they can’t come up with the answers on their own. And all you have to do there to get to that point is stand around, be yourself, and hold a beer.”


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